The Program

Trigger your brain into releasing A LOT of FAT

A tiny dose/spray under your tongue -safe and natural- triggers your brain into releasing about 2000 calories of FAT OFF your body. As the fat comes off your body-the nutrition that’s stored in your fat-goes back to feed you.

Now, you can go on a lower calorie diet – without starving. Normally when you go on a low calorie diet-your brain goes into shock-thinks it’s starving-holds on to the fat; you become tired, stressed, irritated, you lose muscle mass and your metabolism crashes! With our protocol everything is reversed. You lose fat and excess water weight-not the muscle mass

(we know because people lose 40 lbs in 40 days and there is NO loose skin). Your metabolism is usually improved. Within the first ten days you will lose so much weight that you think you are stepping on someone else’s scale (8-20 lbs)


Next thing you know-all your clothes are loose-but not your skin -your face sculpts out-it does not emaciate in. Soon everyone is asking you what you are doing. It is not a magic pill-but we believe it’s the closest thing to it.

We book for free consultations. When you are in our lobby you will see people coming in for their ten day follow up-ask them what they think of this program, how much they lost-how they feel and if inches are melting off their body.

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